Differential appearance editing for measured BRDFs

ACM SIGGRAPH 2016 Talks - 2016
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In this work we propose and explore a simple and efficient method for intuitive editing of measured BRDF data. The proposed algorithm lets the user explore and edit the appearance of measured BRDFs by changing the parameters of analytical BRDFs familiar to the user. To maintain the physical accuracy inherent to measured data during the edits, we compute the difference between the edited analytical BRDF and the original analytical BRDF fitted to the data. We then use this analytical difference to approximate the tangent vector in the complex space of measured BRDFs to induce the desired edit in the measured data. The proposed method enables physically plausible edits to the measured data, e.g. energy conservation, which can be difficult to achieve with previous techniques. We also explore how the proposed method can handle large edits to the measured data, and how the method can be used for physically plausible interpolation between measured BRDFs. Our method allows the user to rapidly create a range of artistic adjustments using familiar analytical BRDFs.

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