An Automultiscopic Projector Array for Interactive Digital Humans

Andrew Jones, Jonas Unger, Koki Nagano, Jay Busch, Xueming Yu, Hsuan-Yueh Peng, Oleg Alexander, Mark Bolas, Paul Debevec
ACM SIGGRAPH 2015 Emerging Technologies, Number 6, page 6:1--6:1 - 2015
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Automultiscopic 3D displays allow a large number of viewers to experience 3D content simultaneously without the hassle of special glasses or head gear. Our display uses a dense array of video projectors to generate many images with high-angular density over a wide-field of view. As each user moves around the display, their eyes smoothly transition from one view to the next. The display is ideal for displaying life-size human subjects as it allows for natural personal interactions with 3D cues such as eye-gaze and spatial hand gestures. In this installation, we will explore "time-offset" interactions with recorded 3D human subjects.

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