Real-time noise-aware tone mapping

Gabriel Eilertsen, Rafał Mantiuk, Jonas Unger
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG), Volume 34, Number 6 - 2015
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Real-time high quality video tone mapping is needed for many applications, such as digital viewfinders in cameras, display algorithms which adapt to ambient light, in-camera processing, rendering engines for video games and video post-processing. We propose a viable solution for these applications by designing a video tone mapping operator that controls the visibility of the noise, adapts to display and viewing environment, minimizes contrast distortions, preserves or enhances image details, and can be run in real-time on an incoming sequence without any preprocessing. To our knowledge, no existing solution offers all these features. Our novel contributions are: a fast procedure for computing local display-adaptive tone-curves which minimize contrast distortions, a fast method for detail enhancement free from ringing artifacts, and an integrated video tone-mapping solution combining all the above features.

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