Advanced Color Image Processing and Analysis

Reiner Lenz, Vasileios Zografos, Martin Solli
Springer New York, page 119-145 - 2013
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Linear filter systems are used in low-level image processing to analyze the visual properties of small image patches. We show first how to use the theory of group representations to construct filter systems that are both steerable and are minimum mean squared error solutions. The underlying groups are the dihedral groups and the permutation groups and the resulting filter systems define a transform which has many properties in common with the well-known discrete Fourier transform. We also show that the theory of extreme value distributions provides a framework to investigate the statistical properties of the vast majority of the computed filter responses. These distributions are completely characterized by only three parameters and in applications involving huge numbers of such distributions, they provide very compact and efficient descriptors of the visual properties of the images. We compare these descriptors with more conventional methods based on histograms and show how they can be used for re-ranking (finding typical images in a class of images) and classification.

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