Evaluation of Tone Mapping Operators for HDR-Video

Gabriel Eilertsen, Robert Wanat, Rafał Mantiuk, Jonas Unger
Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of Pacific Graphics 2013), Volume 32, Number 7, page 275 - 284 - October 2013
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Eleven tone-mapping operators intended for video processing are analyzed and evaluated with camera-captured and computer-generated high-dynamic-range content. After optimizing the parameters of the operators in a formal experiment, we inspect and rate the artifacts (flickering, ghosting, temporal color consistency) and color rendition problems (brightness, contrast and color saturation) they produce. This allows us to identify major problems and challenges that video tone-mapping needs to address. Then, we compare the tone-mapping results in a pair-wise comparison experiment to identify the operators that, on average, can be expected to perform better than the others and to assess the magnitude of differences between the best performing operators.

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