A Font Search Engine for Large Font Databases

Martin Solli, Reiner Lenz
Electronic Letters on Computer Vision and Image Analysis, Volume 10, Number 1, page 24-41 - 2011
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A search engine for font recognition is presented and evaluated. The intended usage is the search in very large font databases. The input to the search engine is an image of a text line, and the output is the name of the font used when rendering the text. After pre-processing and segmentation of the input image, a local approach is used, where features are calculated for individual characters. The method is based on eigenimages calculated from edge filtered character images, which enables compact feature vectors that can be computed rapidly. In this study the database contains 2763 different fonts for the English alphabet. To resemble a real life situation, the proposed method is evaluated with printed and scanned text lines and character images. Our evaluation shows that for 99 % of the queries, the correct font name can be found within the five best matches.

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