A versatile material reflectance measurement system for use in production

SIGRAD 2011 - 2011
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In this paper we present our developed bidirectional reflectance distribution capturing pipeline. It includes a constructed gonioreflectometer for reflectance measurements, as well as extensive software for operation, data visualization and parameter fitting of analytic models. Our focus is on the flexible user interface, aimed at material appearance creation for computer graphics, and targeted both for production and research employment. Key challenges have been in providing a user friendly and effective software for functioning in a production environment, abstracting the details of the calculations involved in the reflectance capturing and fitting. We show how a combination of well-tuned tools can make complex processes such as reflectance calibration, measurement and fitting highly automated in a fast and easy work-flow, from material scanning to model parameters optimized for use in rendering. At the same time, the developed software provides a modifiable interface for detailed control. The importance of having good reflectance visualizations is also demonstrated, where the software plotting tools are able to show vital details of a reflectance distribution, giving valuable insight in to a materials properties and a models accuracy of fit to measured data, on both a local and global level.

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