Spatially Varying Image Based Lighting by Light Probe Sequences

Jonas Unger, Stefan Gustavson, Anders Ynnerman
The Visual Computer, Volume 23, Number 7, page 453--465 - 2007
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We present a novel technique for capturing spatially or temporally resolved light probe sequences, and using them for image based lighting. For this purpose we have designed and built a Real Time Light Probe, a catadioptric imaging system that can capture the full dynamic range of the lighting incident at each point in space at video frame rates, while being moved through a scene. The Real Time Light Probe uses a digital imaging system which we have programmed to capture high quality, photometrically accurate color images of 512x512 pixels with a dynamic range of 10,000,000:1 at 25 frames per second. By tracking the position and orientation of the light probe, it is possible to transform each light probe into a common frame of reference in world coordinates, and map each point and direction in space along the path of motion to a particular frame and pixel in the light probe sequence. We demonstrate our technique by rendering synthetic objects illuminated by complex real world lighting, first by using traditional image based lighting methods and temporally varying light probe illumination, and second an extension to handle spatially varying lighting conditions across large objects and object motion along an extended path.

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