Apostolia Tsirikoglou

PhD Student

Contact Information

Phone: 011 36 34 70
Office: Kopparhammaren G515


I am an Electrical and Computer Engineer with a M.Sc in Advanced Computer Graphics with a major in Media  Technology and Engineering, Linköping University 2013. My thesis was done in terms of intership at a vfx studio, Swiss International AB in Sweden, and it resulted to the development of a new robust and artist friendly sub-surface scattering shader (http://liu.diva-portal.org/smash/record.jsf?searchId=3&pid=diva2:681737)

Research Interests

Great interest in research and implementation of computer graphics techniques, rendering, photo-realistic image synthesis, image based lighting and HDR imaging."
Publications in 2017
Apostolia Tsirikoglou, Joel Kronander, Magnus Wrenninge, Jonas Unger
Technical Report , Linköping University - 2017
Publications in 2016
Apostolia Tsirikoglou, Joel Kronander, Per Larsson, Tanaboon Tongbuasirilai, Andrew Gardner, Jonas Unger
ACM SIGGRAPH 2016 Talks - 2016
Publications in 2014
Apostolia Tsirikoglou, Simon Ekeberg, Johan Vikström, Joel Kronander, Jonas Unger
SIGRAD 2014 - 2014