Welcome to the Visual Computing Laboratory (VCL)

The Visual Computing Laboratory is a lab and research environment hosted by the Computer Graphics and Image Processing group in the division of Media and Information Technology at Linköping University. The laboratory is located in Norrköping, Sweden, and is co-located with Norrköping Visualization Centre C.

VCL hosts a range of projects directed towards research and development of theory and methodology for image capture, image analysis and image synthesis. Current focus areas are High Dynamic Range (HDR) Video, temporally and spatially varying Image Based Lighting , color signal processing and data driven estimation and modeling of scene features such as geometry, materials and HDR lighting environments for the purpose of photo-realistic rendering.

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  • Paper accepted to The Visual Computer
    14.05.2019: Our paper, Compact and intuitive data-driven BRDF models, authored by T. Tongbuasirilai, J. Unger, J. Kronander, and M. Kurt, has been accepted for publication in The Visual Computer. 

  • Gabriel Eilertsen defends PhD thesis
    07.06.2018: On Friday, June 6 at 09.15, Gabriel Eilertsen will defend his PhD thesis titled: The High Dynamic Range Imaging Pipeline - Tone Mapping, Distribution, and Single Exposure Reconstruction. The defense takes place in the dome theater at Norrköping Visualization Center.

  • Paper accepted to EUSIPCO 2018
    21.05.2018: Our paper titled Multi-Shot Single Sensor Light Field Camera Using a Color Coded Mask, authored by Ehsan Miandji, Jonas Unger, and Christine Guillemot is accepted to EUSIPCO 2018. The project was done in collaboration with INRIA, Rennes, France. 

  • Paper accepted for Elsevier Digital Signal Processing
    21.05.2018: Our paper titled OMP-Based DOA Estimation Performance Analysis, authored by Ehsan Miandji, Mohammad Emadi, and Jonas Unger is accepted for publication in Elsevier Digital Signal Processing. In this paper we present a theoretical analysis for DOA estimation using the OMP algorithm.

  • Paper published in IEEE Signal Processing Letters
    21.05.2018: Our paper titled On Probability of Support Recovery for Orthogonal Matching Pursuit Using Mutual Coherence is now published in IEEE Signal Processing Letters. The paper is authored by Ehsan Miandji, Mohammad Emadi, Jonas Unger, and Ehsan Afshari, as a collaboration between VCL, University of Michigan, and Qualcomm Inc.

  • VRST 2017
    03.11.2017: Jonas Unger and Oliver Staadt, Rostock University, are papers chairs for VRST 2017, the 23rd ACM Symposium on Virtual Software and Technology heldin Gothenburg, Sweden November 8-10. VRST is an international forum for the exchange of experience and knowledge among researchers and developers in virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) technology. VRST provides an opportunity for VR/AR researchers to interact, share new results, show live demonstrations of their work, and discuss emerging directions for the field. The event is sponsored by ACM SIGCHI and SIGGRAPH.

  • Paper accepted to SIGGRAPH Asia 2017
    25.10.2017: Our paper HDR image reconstruction from a single exposure using deep CNNs authored by Gabriel Eilertsen, Joel Kronander, Gyorgy Denes, Rafal K. Mantiuk, and Jonas Unger has been accepted for publication at SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand. 

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